TixHub offers custom pricing packages within reach for any venue or event. Package paradigms range from upfront licensing fee structures to convenient pay as you go models. With Pay as you Go pricing and a unique partnership approach you pay for your software only when you’re selling tickets. Your success is our success. The entire TixHub system, features, support, is included no matter which pricing package you choose. Call to check the pricing that’s right for you with no badgering – guaranteed!

Key Points

tixhub pricing

  • Custom fit options to suit your budget and volume
  • Complete package at a price that suits your budget – there is a perfect pricing model just for you
  • No obligation quote and no badgering
  • All pricing options include complete system and full around the clock support
  • No venue is too small or too big
  • Keep your patrons happy with low online convenience fees

“TixHub’s pay as you go pricing allowed us to start selling online with reserved seating, CRM and all the other good stuff without any fixed budget!”